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Average Penis Size

Many men wonder whether their penis length is above or below the average penis size. It's not something we can ask other men about, and not something that's ever spoken of. Average penis size is a taboo subject in our society.

Why? Because most men are afraid that their penis is below-average penis size. And many men are content to remain ignorant. But you aren't one of those men – so read on.

Studies of average penis size

There have been a number of studies intended to establish average penis size in adult men (the penis stops growing when the rest of the body does, between ages 18-22 in most men).

These studies have reached different conclusions about the exact length of the average penis size. Generally speaking, those studies done by doctors who measure the man's penis size in laboratory conditions use only a small sampling of men, and therefore are not accurate.

On the other hand, studies that rely on men to honestly self-report on themselves find that the average penis size is about a half-inch or more longer than other studies. It seems like men tend to exaggerate when no one's watching. This is perfectly understandable – many men are extremely anxious that they may measure below the average penis size and inflate their measurements slightly to relieve this anxiety. But when nearly everyone does this, the average penis size figures are inaccurate.

Average penis size as reported by various studies:

  • The Kinsey Institute for Sex Research: 6 inches
  • University of California at San Francisco: 5.1 inches
  • Brazilian urologist study: 5.7 inches
  • Online self-participation poll: 6 inches

An accurate figure for average penis size is probably just a little under 6 inches – 5.75 or thereabouts.

Who's satisfied with average penis size?

The next question in most men's minds is, who wants average penis size?

If you're right at the average penis size, are you content with the thought that 25% of men are bigger than you?

And if you're smaller than average, are you really happy with that? Knowing that their penis size is below average creates a lot of anxiety and stress for most men.

Are women satisfied with average penis size? That really depends on the woman. There is the possibility that her last boyfriend or partner was an above-average man. And most men are never going to ask their women whether their penis size measures up.

Strive beyond average penis size!

For men who aren't content to be average or even below, we offer Endowmax – the ultimate male enhancement formula. Men who use Endowmax for 3+ months report:

  • Increased firmness and hardness of erections
  • Increased level of sexual appetite and libido
  • Increased endurance during sex

For men who just aren't satisfied with the average, and ready to do something about it, Endowmax is the ultimate solution. Get Endowmax today!

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